Ten reasons to play board games with your kids

by hendriklee 香港2 年前

If you still think chutes and ladders and Candyland when someone mentioned the play board games with their children, then you should know the board game in the world has changed a lot since you were a child. Heck, it changed a lot, even since you are already an adult. There are so many Poker may benefit mental health great reasons to play the game, especially if you are a parent, though one of them work better than some of the theory in practice.

Here are my top ten reasons to play the game and my children, some of the recommendations for each theme of the game.
1. turn
Rationale: This is the game you know the first thing, when you're waiting for some time you take action, and times. Graphics card, move around bit on the blackboard, grabbed dice, these things you should not do, unless it's your turn. Play games to teach children have all appropriate time, which will extend beyond the real-life game.
Practice: My daughter has not learned not speak when he has been involved in a conversation or someone actually in the middle of a sentence. While playing the game, they may not know, when it's your turn, you do not get distracted or start a conversation with others. But they get it better (I told myself).Card games educational advantages

2. math skills

Rationale: This includes basic skills (dice plus summed score) and more complex ideas (to assess the probability of tracking modifier in the multiverse Sentinel). Not every board game that requires math, but they do rely on the majority of at least some basic arithmetic. Play the game will give your child Poker - Smart Entertainment practice and improve their math skills, and set up their dry road career.

Practice: "Dad, my grades together for me," the trick is to be patient enough to let your child do the math. If I was anxious to get a game or find the final results, my children are more likely to turn off except through me. But if I take my time, I find that they have the ability to figure out things themselves. (However, if they are 20 points to win, I'll double-check their math.)

3, mental acuity
Theory: There are a variety of exercise your brain, when you grow up benefits, but that does not mean you should not start from a young age. Playing games is a great way to keep your mind flexible and positive.
Practice: You can quickly find, although you may have an advantage when it comes to long-term strategy, your child better than you when it comes to mental gymnastics. Maybe, Benefits board games if you're so poor, they'll go easy on you.

4. visionary

Theory: A more sophisticated game requires you to think about not just what you're doing, this particular turn, but what is your long-term strategy. It does not help to capture your opponent's pieces, if this means that they will take your actions in the next queen. The ability to think ahead, while playing the game will help your child to think ahead in real life, too.

Practice: My child is still why this is a bad idea to sit down and read a book or a play toy school day, they've got to get dressed, eat breakfast before struggling because they do not consider more than five minutes. It is difficult to see them within 30 minutes, they need to prepare for school. sigh. However, I find, asking them to think about what needs to be done so that they can be thinking ahead without me having to spell out everything. Obviously, they can be considered in advance, but need to be reminded to do so. I hope the robot turtles and double Tian robot made them want more step instructions ...... from a few of my script.

5. actions and consequences

Rationale: This is thinking ahead, but it is also worth mentioning. The consequences of action: your behavior may be both positive and negative consequences for themselves and for others. The game gives you a closed environment, cause and effect can be more easily tracked, but they help to develop a mindset that will help you to think about the consequences of your behavior in the real world.

Practice: The real world is a bit confusing at times, and it may be more difficult to follow what specific actions cause certain consequences. For example, why your sister's The benefits of playing card game The benefits of playing card game foot stepping on her hit you a book, it's like some crazy Rube Goldberg machine, right? My approach is that by talking to my kids, step by step, and keep track of the rear end result of their initial decision. This is to avoid playing the game, which is not a result of the consequences of their decisions, because this eliminates their agents, and taught outside of my control and choice things just happen.

6. make hard choices

Theory: In your child understand the consequences of behavior, the next step is the ability to make tough decisions. Games usually require you equal reward (or punish) the option to choose and play them build their own capacity to decide what criteria are relevant and which to ignore, how to balance risk and reward.

Practice: My kids and I like to choose "all of the above" as much as they can, but the game forces you to choose one or the other. Maybe I need to play more games.

7. Team
Theory: Cooperation games are on the rise, and they are particularly great parents. With these, you can ignore the age-old dilemma: I went easy on my children, or teach them the habit of losing? (see below). Instead, this new (ISH) Shipment game is all about a common goal to work together towards a. Because it is in cooperative game to know how to take full advantage of each person's strengths is as important in the real world.
Practices: Beware of "Alpha players" syndrome, where a cooperative game into a card game, a person directing the actions of others. Note: If you play with your children, there is a good chance that you are the alpha players, which is good, if your goal is to teach obedience to authority, but if you want them to learn to solve problems with the help of small. Also: Who can compete for blue is not a great way to start building a team.

8. As a good sport

On: Nobody likes a sore loser, or hate winner, either. Play fun games with your kids, you can simulate how mercy, whether you win or lose. They will come to love what you play, not just the victory. Teach them the differences in the game between attack and personal attacks.

Practice: Some kids really like trash thrown, but then get their feelings hurt, if you return to it, especially if you do win. You can decide whether your child can keep their feelings, in a game or competition will spread to tantrums and bad behavior outside of the game, however, children can see you lose and still have fun is very important.

9. The cutting line

Theory: No, not the cord. power cable. (Wait, all wireless these days? Ah, never mind the metaphor, then.) My favorite thing about get my child to be a board game, this time, they did not clamoring to sit in front of the screen. Play games can provide a wealth of face-to-face interaction It's hard, when your child is playing Minecraft. EDM (No, my world is not awesome.)

Practice: I have to admit, there is still a tug of war battle screen and watch my children, to join the game at night or punched in their room and choose between my iPad, they will choose the iPad half the time. But I'll take half.

10. construction bonds
Principle: let my kids addicted to the game, but they are still young, I would more closely with their relationship. Then, when they become teenagers, I would not worry about where they get into trouble, because they will want to hang me play the game, right? Correct?
Practice: I do not know, my oldest is only ten so far, at that time, she still thinks her dad is cool. However, I will not, if one day she asked me if I would be out of the basement, so she can play the game with her friend very surprised. I do not have too much trouble others teenagers thought I was cool because I was a board game, but I think a key part of this is I'm not their father. However, I know that many of them are continuing to play board games with adult family, I hope we'll be one of them.

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