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| Bagholic | BaoBao Issey miyake 三見恨晚
by cc 台灣4 年前
  一見傾心 ; 二見鍾情   這句話完全不適用於我與我的新包 - baobao 從相見到擁有這段時間的際遇:p 實際上一開始我覺得這個包完完全全不是我的菜心裡還默默覺得 到底在紅什麼 (很誠實的心裡話) 但我覺得人就是一種很奇怪的生物(長越大, 卻越猜不透自己 :p) […]
Child marriage sparks knotty debate on compulsions of urban poverty
by springsummer 美國4 年前
The marriage of a minor girl with a teen groom was solemnised on Wednesday in a temple a stone's throw away from the homes of chief minister Raghu […]
Sefton Park Palm House named wedding venue of the year
by springsummer 美國4 年前
Sefton Park Palm House has been named ‘Suburban’ Wedding Venue of the Year in the 2015 Eat, Drink, Sleep Awards. The iconic Grade II Li […]
by springsummer 美國4 年前
Being a fashionista is harder than one might think. We’re always broke, looking for something new to wear, and hungry for fashion. Your friends […]
10 Savvy Wedding Spending Tips to Keep Your Budget in Check
by springsummer 美國4 年前
The warmer weather brings wedding season, and all of the celebrations and costs that come along with it. According to a recent survey by coupon site R […]
[穿搭] 小逸XLuxepedder-透膚蕾絲芭蕾舞鞋
by tuanuu 台灣4 年前
  小逸在之前的文章分享過參與Luxepedder的聯名款設計的歷程。 參與聯名款設計,不只要有新迸現的火花,還要有品牌基因的傳承。  Luxepedder最為大家熟知的應該就是那一雙雙好走好穿的不分楦芭蕾鞋。   芭蕾鞋的款式原本就是最經典的模樣,  […]
5 summer style essentials
by springsummer 美國4 年前
Confused what to wear in the first week of college? Two trendy style bloggers have you sorted. So here's the thing about going to college &mdas […]
[髮品] 5α捷利爾頭皮淨化液~脂漏性皮膚炎頭皮的好夥伴
by tuanuu 台灣4 年前
    我跟脂漏性皮膚炎頭皮之間有一個冗長的奮鬥歷史...... 由於嚴重的頭皮問題,小逸長期關注各種各樣的洗髮精還有頭皮用藥   也寫過幾篇關於問題頭皮的洗髮精還有問題頭皮用藥文章。 *例如這篇:脂漏性皮膚炎的洗髮精與頭皮用藥 *還有早期寫的:解 […]
Manish Malhotra's Take on What Works Best For the Sangeet Oufit
by springsummer 美國4 年前
The world-renowned fashion designer, Manish Malhotra, having recently completed ten years of his fashion brand, and twenty five years as a costume des […]
【試用】SHISEIDO的美肌急救方案◎IBUKI 高效活膚啫喱​
by wyie_wyie 香港4 年前
               其他人我不敢講,可能她們天生麗質、百毒不侵 但我的肌膚狀態可謂與生活習慣息息相關 還記得數年前跟大家分享過的一篇有關調整生活習慣以抗暗瘡的文章 持續對抗暗瘡◎調整 […]
10 ways to make sure you enjoy your wedding day – and the final preparations
by springsummer 美國4 年前
t’s one month to my wedding day. The skin around my finger nails is raw, I am liable to get stressed if asked what I’m having for lunch, s […]
by wyie_wyie 香港4 年前
          自從結婚之後,最常被問到的應該是「何時生小朋友?」 其二是「何時才有婚宴的照片看?很多親戚朋友都在問耶~」 相信各位新手人妻也有相同的經歷吧(笑) 數數手指,已經有四個月沒有更新婚禮事宜了~ 遲遲不來做個總結,不 […]
The Dos and Don'ts of Appropriate Work Looks
by springsummer 美國4 年前
Lifeguards have it easy, but what should the rest of us wear to work all summer long? Glamour's Jane Keltner de Valle lays down the new rules. […]
The gay-wedding industry goes mainstream
by springsummer 美國4 年前
When Kathryn Hamm 10 years ago started running GayWeddings.com, a “mother-approved shopping site” for same-sex brides and grooms, chats wi […]
[穿搭] 小逸 X Luxepedder 聯名款 開跑 全真皮絕美拼接尖頭鞋
by tuanuu 台灣4 年前
      正能量好像已經成為新一代的氾濫詞?例如之前的小確幸?但發生在小逸身上的事情,似乎只能這樣形容? 滿滿的正能量與小確幸堆築起來的幸運。這一次與Luxepedder的合作就是這麼的幸福滿滿。   最早Luxepedder找上小 […]
[髮品] 脂漏性皮膚炎的洗髮精與頭皮用藥
by tuanuu 台灣4 年前
    一整盆的各家洗髮精,是我平時的洗髮精儲量。 因為頭皮問題太嚴重,小逸的頭皮某種程度上也算神農嚐百草了……   關於脂漏性皮膚炎頭皮的洗髮精與頭皮用藥 個人心得整理如下:   脂漏性皮膚炎是指皮膚油脂分泌旺盛的區 […]
My real wedding
by Molly2541 美國4 年前
As a writer and assistant editor for Inside Weddings magazine, I often read statements from featured brides and grooms who exclaim how perfe […]
by zz3239702033 台灣4 年前
夜隱了,夢寒依舊。撫著臉上深深淺淺的皺紋,落寞地嘆息。或許這是上天對我的懲罰,註定我壹人垂垂老去,看盡繁華退落,看盡年歲變更。清秋冷寂空對 月,問情寄淚心憔悴。流落在歲月深處的情愫,淺淺地劃過我們的際遇,最後隱沒在或深或淺的流年壹人獨情深,兩人又淺緣,試問,鴛鴦二字怎生書? http://li […]
Hair | 養髮就從洗髮精開始 ! 專家們都推薦的沙龍級髮品 - TOMMYGUNS
by cc 台灣4 年前
[食譜] 桂圓紅麴米糕做法
by tuanuu 台灣4 年前
  除去泡米與電鍋烹煮時間,只要十分鐘就好的神速甜點。 備料容易,做法方便。但是醉人的米酒香與甜蜜的桂圓味,簡單,就很迷人。 材料: 糯米:300g 紅麴米:2大匙(用調理機打成粉末) 糖:70g(約半個飯碗) (視喜好增減,黃砂糖的味道會優於白糖) 桂圓肉:75g(視喜好 […]
by zz3239702033 台灣4 年前
飛鳥已不見蹤影,如同湖畔那幽草叢生處曾生根過的花紅點點,它們曾來過,回首這壹年,在時針掃過的每壹圈裏,我們不得不承認在自己的某壹個不經意間,我們有過錯過與失去,可待我們意識到的時候,過去的那些已壹去不復返,我們又將如何試圖再次擁有? http://funmimi.com http://52m […]
Casual Hipsters
by springsummer 美國4 年前
When three popular fashion brands — , and (X)S.M.L. — presented their latest spring/summer collections, they charmed fashion lovers with t […]
High-Level Fashion Designer Opens Friendly Family Store
by playarole 美國4 年前
How’s it made? Shopkeeper Melissa Carpenter, 42, can tell customers a story about how each of the items in The Family Store were produced, an […]
【EVENT】Venilla suite潮人Mix & Match Styling Workshop
by beautysearch 香港4 年前
每年到左轉季時節,都是最忙、最傷腦筋的日子,因為,BeautySearch 要從不同渠道去了解Fashion的潮流趨勢,又要到處張羅,揀選適合自己的衣履... 剛剛的周末,好多謝 theZtyle 的邀請,讓我有機會出席《Venilla suite潮人Mix & Match Styling […]
Wedding bells and name changes for this outdoors writer
by springsummer 美國4 年前
About a month ago, I embarked on what might be the most exciting adventure of a lifetime. I got married. Josh Granger and I met a few years ago […]
[愛情] 愛情中每一次威脅,都在磨損感情…
by tuanuu 台灣4 年前
 為什麼很多人在愛情中沒有安全感? 因為不斷的「威脅別人」與「感受威脅」   人會用自己最習慣且最理所當然的方式去對待他人。 以前怎麼被對待的?反正有樣學樣。   所以許多人的”戀愛模型”都從親情相處而來。 但親情除了純粹的愛,往往 […]
The life of the ideal woman, as seen through the eyes of India’s ‘Mad Men’
by springsummer 美國4 年前
Life is very clearly defined in the typical Indian television commercial: Men earn the money, work very hard, drive the car, buy insurance and even de […]
by zz3239702033 台灣4 年前
殘紅零舞落葉憐,碟舞飛世椅花簡。 笑嫣如花巳滄桑,惟有殘殤來相伴。 歲月的流世,隨著桐葉的墜落。承栽著秋殘,卻無琺遠航。秋涼,涼得好傷憾。葉,零落,飄遠,卻遠不去我的視線。秋天總是淡淡的傷,殘留下的嘎天還有壹絲眷戀,曾經的如花美卷,曾經的似水流年,如今卻巳成蒼海桑田。被記憶埋葬了哪似水流年。 […]
Can you rock a jumpsuit? Two sides to trendy one-pieces
by springsummer 美國4 年前
Awards nights are usually reserved for showstopping gowns, but in one swoop, Robin Wright resisted the norm in a backless Ralph Lauren custom jumpsuit […]
Jessica Goodson Weds Jonathan Wannemacher
by playarole 美國4 年前
Jessica Danielle Goodson and Jonathan Bernyk Wannemacher, both of Jacksonville, were married March 21 at the Plantation in Ponte Vedra Beach. The o […]
by zz3239702033 台灣4 年前
我若無求,哪裏來的世間千重變。跋涉的腳步從不曾停止,就算還有很多難,生命沒有走到盡頭絕不停滯不前。此生何所求,壹茶壹盞,賞花開,看日落,把月半彎收進懷裏填滿,昂首指間與星子作伴,妳若醉了,我亦會羞紅了臉。 http://bella-tea.com   http://havfish.com   […]
by wyie_wyie 香港4 年前
           早前受到GUERLAIN的邀請,出席全新升級版「黃金微滴殿級蜂皇精華素」的揭幕儀式 現在來分享一下當日的盛況!!! 四月一日是「黃金微滴殿級蜂皇精華素」的發售日,GUERLAIN當晚於海港城舉行了揭幕活動 […]
Top 10 Must See Looks From The 50th Academy Of Country Music Awards
by playarole 美國4 年前
The biggest names in country music all gathered together at AT&T Stadium on Sunday, April 19 in Arlington, Texas for the 2015 Academy of Country M […]
周末的姊妹淘●齊嘆LE MARRON法式下午茶
by wyie_wyie 香港4 年前
            自從四年前跟大家分享過文華東方的貴婦Afternoon Tea後,基本上我是和Afternoon Tea無緣的 還記得幾年前,友人跟我說四季的Tea Set好吃,一心想試新品的我立即撥電預約 怎知到原 […]
how will Kate Middleton's second child change the world?
by playarole 美國4 年前
A second wave of royal baby fever is on its way, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare for the arrival of child number two later this month. […]
Living2: Weddings, prom take fore at mall Sunday
by springsummer 美國4 年前
Love was in the air Sunday as The Mall at Sierra Vista hosted a Wedding and Prom Fair. Several vendors were on hand to offer their services and produc […]
by BeautyCarPark 香港4 年前
大阪之旅,決定跳step..先同大家分享我嘅環球影城之行! 去哈利波特魔法世界絕對係這次生日之旅我最期待的環節, 所以出發前都上網睇左好多不同的入園攻略心得, 仲係等待出發嘅期間,突然宣布有Minions的加入,woo...太興奮了吧! […]
【試用】偽素顏妝神器●Shu uemura POREraser CC泡沫底霜SPF35 PA+++
by wyie_wyie 香港4 年前
            Shu的泡沫底霜一向大獲好評!!! 由10年的妝前泡沫底霜,演變成11年的多效BB泡沫底霜 期後添加了亮白及精華成份,於12年推出了亮白精華泡沫底霜及TSUYA光感新肌精華泡沫妝前底霜 13年將妝前 […]
[減肥塑身] marena瑪芮娜九分高腰提臀塑身褲!超好穿塑身衣!
by tuanuu 台灣4 年前
  夏天快到了,我想很多女孩都開始積極的準備瘦身了吧?前幾年因為甲狀腺機能的治療,小逸跟吹氣球一樣持續發胖。加上另一半堅稱「胖一點比較好抱」的強力縱容。  2年內胖了20公斤。orz...   原本為了婚紗照認真過一陣子,還跑去做了冷凍融脂…&he […]
Fashion World Mourns Maria Luisa Poumaillou
by springsummer 美國4 年前
Before there was Colette or Kirna Zabete, before Fivestory or Merci, before most of the other so-called concept stores became shopping destinations fr […]
[保養] Neogence霓淨思1清2除3拋光!零毛孔關鍵美肌步驟!
by tuanuu 台灣4 年前
    美肌是一種堅持。除了持續不懈的日常保養之外,我喜歡一陣子就挑一個重點加強保養!彷彿給皮膚立定一個考試目標,讓保養功課做來份外有勁!   平常小逸都是在秋冬日加強保濕,春夏做美白衝刺。 這次霓淨思的邀約卻非常的有趣:毛孔淨化。零毛孔關鍵! 以淨 […]
Make Up | 春光初現 ,打造幸福感美顏.『裸肌+透亮』我想要的春感
by cc 台灣4 年前
心好像跟著春天開始騷動起來了 :)    覺得自己忙了好長一段時間 ~坐在電腦前好好打上一篇文章像是好久好久以前的事 :p 雖然工作佔去了大部分的時間,  不過忙碌之餘也和老公還有姐妹滋滋分別去了北海道還有首爾玩耍了幾天正所謂 Work Har […]
by amyng888 香港4 年前
上星期六(3.28)好開心,獲邀出席美國時尚女性品牌NuBra於中環蘭桂坊的首間香港旗艦店開幕禮,   NuBra目前於美國、日本、新加坡、台灣、韓國及法國等全球不同國家及地區都設有分店,隨著中國大陸購買力提高及知識產權逐步加大,NuBra亦會進軍大陸市場。   […]
Trends For Spring
by springsummer 美國4 年前
I love the idea of having a multi purpose wardrobe. Living on the north shore in Vancouver there are so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. But […]
[旅遊] 義大利威尼斯第一天:完美飯店Ca'Sagredo Hotel(薩賽格雷多酒店)
by tuanuu 台灣4 年前
  威尼斯,波光粼粼的金粉之城。貢多拉鳳尾船割裂著河上的月光, 劃開精巧建築在水光上的倒影。   第一次見到這座城市,如此的似曾相識。 是上輩子來過?還是夢裡悠晃而過?   後來才發現,我一直用威尼斯去建構卡爾維諾筆下的”看不見的城市&rdqu […]
[Outfit] 中長裙變身,一衣兩穿的跨季魔法
by tuanuu 台灣4 年前
  中長裙在近幾年成為時尚寵兒,優雅復古的氣息讓它在數個季度大紅大紫。 但是很多女孩還是對中長裙的裙長感到尷尬: 短裙可以秀出長腿,長裙展現飄逸氣息。中長裙”過膝”+”腳踝以上”的長度到底該怎麼處理?   小逸會推薦一衣兩 […]
Emma Stone
by playarole 美國4 年前
Even the greatest celebrity couples sometimes reach a breaking point, and much to the chagrin of Spider-Man fans everywhere, Emma Stone and Andrew Gar […]
Mannequins at the Museum
by springsummer 美國4 年前
Though passers-by often fail to so much as notice them, mannequins can reveal as much about the culture of their time as the clothing they display doe […]
'Home' run: Did Rihanna save DreamWorks Animation?
by playarole 美國4 年前
The nightmare for DreamWorks Animation may be over. The beleaguered studio can thank Rihanna and Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory" for the […]
When Brides Get the Post-Wedding Blues
by playarole 美國4 年前
As if you needed more incentive to have a low-key wedding versus going on the fritz to art-direct the Best Day of Your Life ™, here you go: Brid […]
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